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Mother Baby Bonding


"I had the mindset that nothing could go wrong during my breastfeeding journey with my second baby, I had already done this for two years! When my daughter came home, she started dropping weight rapidly. I messaged Josée and she took the time to assess my daughter Adalynn and our breastfeeding. She gave me tips to increase the fat in my milk as we suspected I had an oversupply. The pediatrician assumed my daughter was lactose intolerant, threw formula on my lap and told me to stop breastfeeding. I did not want to formula feed, so I talked to Josée about different options. She helped me get a feeding tube so that I could supplement with formula while breastfeeding. I cut dairy out of my diet and continued the program Josée set up for me. Adalynn is 2 months old, is weighing over 10 lbs and is almost exclusively breastfed! I wouldn’t have made it over the hump if it wasn’t for Josée steering me in the right directions. Josée is dedicated to helping you and your baby succeed in whatever journey you choose."

                                                                                                                                                          - Bridget, H.

"Josee was amazing when assisting me with breastfeeding my little one for the first time. My daughter had been seen by many healthcare professionals and no one had identified my daughter as tongue tied, until Josee. Josee noted my daughter had a tongue tie immediately, which was likely the cause of her poor latch and frequent gas. We were able to book an appointment and get her tongue tie snipped by a professional. Having that procedure done changed our daughter’s feeding experience immensely. She was such a happier baby and was able to thrive. Without Josee I do not know how long her tongue tie would have gone unnoticed and how difficult our feeding experience would have been."

                                                                                                                                                          - Rachel, V.

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